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president of the board

Andrew is a composer, harmony teacher and pianist working in Toronto. He has an extensive record of community service and leadership in the arts including serving as the artistic director of Classical Context.


community outreach director


Maria is a composer, conductor, and arts administrator. Her music has been performed by orchestras, choirs and ensembles at home and abroad. She was a co-recipient of CLC’s Friends of Canadian Music and a master’s in composition degree from University of Victoria.


programming director


Tyler is a Toronto-based composer, performer and writer. He has written music for virtually every classical genre, including orchestral works, concerti, choral and vocal music, as well as solo and chamber music.



video audio and live streaming specialist

Domenic is a composer, sound artist and professional audio visual technician for Amico Group of Companies. She holds degrees from U of T and The Hague Conservatory. 

The Canadian Composers Orchestra has programmed, workshopped, read and commissioned multiple generations of composers throughout its history. Below is a list of just some of the names of composers who have benefited from our activites.

Robert Aitken

Allan Bell
Jack Behrens

Roger Bergs

Gavin Bernais

Tim Brady
Rose Bolton

Linda Bouchard

Glenn Buhr

Patrick Cardy

Pat Carrabré

Chan Ka Nin

Saul Chapman 

Daniel Clarkson 

Jean Coulthard 

Graham Crane 

Richard Desilet 

Omar Daniel 

Boris Despot 

Denis Dion 

Samuel Dolin 

Colin Eatok 

John Fodi 

Daniel Foley 

Clifford Ford 

Craig Galbraith 

Mary Gardiner 

Murray Geddes 

Gerhard Ginader 

Oscar Morawetz

Lynne Muzzerall

Kelly Marie Murphy

Wendy Prezament

William Pura

Alexander Rapoport

Abigail Richardson

Eric Robertson

Arsenio Giron 

Ben Haines 

Helen Hall 

Helen Hardy 

James Harley 

Chris Harman 

David Harman 

Peter Hatch 

John Herberman 

Jacques Hétu 

Mary Hildebrand 

Martha Hill 

James Hiscott 

Alice Ho 

Patricia Holt 

Michael Horwood
Lorraine Muter Humber
Michael Hynes
Lorraine Johnson
David Kaye
Talivaldis Kenins
Michael Kerwin
Lothar Klein
Henry Kucharzyk
Gary Kulesha
Larysa Kuzmenko
Deborah Ling
Ruth Lomon
Alexina Louie
Victoria Maidanik
Michael Matthews
Robert May
Kevin McKinney
Elma Miller


Willyn Whiting

Ryan Johnson

Cory Harper-Latkovich

Sid Robinovitch
James Rolfe
Micheline Roi
Clarke Ross
Eric Ross
Jeff Ryan
Denis Saidon
Michelene Coulombe

St Marcoux Frederick Schipitzky
Claude Schryer
Thomas Schudel
David Scott
Rodney Sharman
Bruce Shavers
Norman Sherman
Jana Skarecky
Linda C. Smith
Ronald Smith
Andrew Staniland
Philip Stern
Robert Stevenson
Timothy Sullivan
Morris Surdin 

Peeter Tammearu Brian Tate
Steven Tittle
Alan Torok 

Corry Vidotto
John Weinzweig

Gerhard Weunsch

 Wes Wraggett

 Joseph Zapotochny 

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